Eggs Benedict from Panela, Cocina Social


Golf, garden, and mountain views offer a splendid accompaniment to the diverse restaurants at Dorado Beach. Whether you’re enjoying casual cocktails and appetizers at one of our laid-back beach bars or savoring the creative cuisine of renowned chef Mario Pagán at Melao, you are certain to find the surroundings as fresh and inspiring as the cuisine.

Melao Restaurant by Mario Pagan at Dorado Beach Resort

Melao, by Mario Pagán

Mixed into our music, song lyrics, and slang, Melao represents all the fun and flavor that defines who we are as Puerto Ricans.

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Panela Cocina Social Bar

Panela, Cocina Social

This casual, social-vibe restaurant and bar evokes the simplicity of our contemporary cuisine developed and executed by Chef Mario Pagán.

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Barlovento Beach Bar & Grill Dorado Beach Resort

Barlovento Beach Bar & Grill

Inspired from our Taíno roots, Barlovento Beach Bar & Grill stands as a big seashell that inspires wind, movement and evolution.

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Family Enjoying a Snack at Watermill Cafe

Watermill Café 

This family-friendly grill is perfect for fueling up before, during, or after your day of family fun on the water slides.

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View from Encanto Beach Bar & Grill

Encanto Beach Bar & Grill

Encanto Beach Bar & Grill offers guests a unique, open air-experience with a modern vibe and freshly grilled island-inspired cuisine.

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Positivo Sand Bar at Dorado Beach Resort

Positivo Sand Bar

Positivo Sand Bar offers an exquisite culinary experience in an elegant open-air ambiance, featuring an intricately designed carved ceiling.

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COA Restaurant at Dorado Beach Resort


With a name deeply rooted in Puerto Rico’s culture, COA features a grill concept and crafted menu showcasing the freshest seasonal ingredients.

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La Cocina Gourmet

This gourmet market provides Puerto Rican coffees, homemade gelatos and gastronomic delights.

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